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The Ultimate Restoration

True to my theme, this is one of those cars that has a story.  Our customer got this car in the mid 60′s.  It was a driver, and she loved the lines and style of the car.  Who can blame her, the TR 4A IRS is one of the best looking cars that Triumph ever built.  A few years after she acquired the car, she decided that it was time to fix it up.  At this point she took the engine and transmission out, stripped the interior and basically got a really good start on the restoration. 

He was nice enough to enlist us as the shop he wanted to restore the treasure he and his wife had protected for so many years.  We picked the car up and the project began.

She was even able to tear the engine down and re-assemble it and get it ready.At this point things changed.  She got married and life went on.  The fortunate thing is that she never lost sight of her TR 4.  Equally important is the fact the her husband realized how important the car was to her, and he kept the flame of hope alive for the restoration.  Fast forward to about six months ago, and that thoughtful guy she married finally was able to put his plan into action.

The major issue we found was that rust had taken over way too many parts of the car.  This became the most costly and time consuming part of the restoration. We removed the tub from the frame, began repair on the tub and then began repair on the frame.  After the frame was repaired, we had it powder coated.

While the body work was continuing, we started on the restoration of the parts we were going to put back on the car.  One of the main parts was the engine.  We were happy to find that the rebuilding work she had done 30 years ago was still very serviceable today.  We opted to check everything, and install new seals and gaskets.  We did upgrade to the rear main seal to where there really was one, and made sure all other tolerance issues were met.

After we were able to get the drive train in the chassis,  we started getting everything installed on the frame.  This is where the Triumph’s really shine on restoration.  You can get everything on the frame and have it basically on the ground and then set the tub on.  It’s just like they did it in “The Old Days”.  Now the body work was drawing to a close, and things were getting painted.

The painted parts started to take shape. Now it was time to secure the tub to the frame and start the assembly process.

After the finishing touches were put on, it was time for delivery.

It’s now on the road, and ready to go.  A project that started a long time ago is completed, and the big smile she had as she drove away told us everything we needed to know.

It’s this kind of story that makes it all worthwhile for me.

Enjoy the ride!