BAW has Been Restoring Vintage Cars for Over 20 Years!

We are the largest parts house and repair facility in the Portland metro area and one of the largest on the west coast. 

British Auto Works was established in the late 80’s in a small 3 car garage by Ray Marty. Ray was looking for a retirement hobby that also helped pay the bills. It quickly became a real full-time job and British Auto Works outgrew the small 3 car garage.  

As British Auto Works grew Ray realized that his retirement was slipping away he began looking to sell the company. Bill and his son Stan, were British Car lovers that came in often for parts and discussion about their British cars. Bill who was a car lover and British car owner saw and opportunity and the rest as they say is history.

The Ultimate Restoration

Bill has been a car lover his whole life and has always enjoyed working on his cars.  Bill was first introduced to British cars when he was shopping for Fiat parts at Wakeside Motors and he saw a 72 Triumph GT6.  After some research he decided that he wanted one of those cars.  Bill then ordered his first British car a 72 Triumph GT6 Emerald Green with black interior.  Instead of waiting for the car at the dealership Bill decided an adventure was in order so he decided to pick the car up at the factory in Coventry England.    Bill and a friend set off to the UK to pick up his new car.  They then spent 6 months touring Europe in the GT6.  After the tour of Europe Bill put his car on a boat and headed back to the US.  Bill still has that car at his house to this day.  

Stan grew up working on cars and playing with cars since his dad enjoyed cars so much it just must have rubbed off.  When Stan was around 14 he started tearing apart a 1966 MG Midget that his dad had picked up along the way.  With his dads help and money, Stan began restoring the Midget.  After a few years and some new paint, a motor rebuild, new brakes and a new interior the car was on the road.  That car still sits at Stan’s house to this day. 

Our  current 9000 square foot shop houses new and used parts as well as our service facility.  Also on the grounds are about 150 cars that are for sale, parts cars and project cars.  We stock parts for MG, Triumph, Morris, Jaguar, Austin-Healey, Mini, and even Lotus and Sunbeam and specialize on repairing all those makes as well.

British Auto Works has 2 full time service technicians and a part time technician in addition to Bill and Stan.  Like we said before we can handle anything from an oil change to a full show 100 point restoration. Please fell free to stop by and take a look at our facilities or visit with one of us.  We can also assist you with insurance claims and collision repair for your vintage British car.